Mistress Sable Application

It is fully understood and accepted by you that this is not a Contract of prostitution. It is also fully agreed to, and by you that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES whatsoever are sexual intercourse or fellatio solicited, offered or available from me at anytime.

This form must be filled out completely and to the best of your ability. DO NOT LEAVE ANY AREAS BLANK!

Failure to do so will result in your application being rejected for any possible sessions.

Also by providing detail it serves me to practice and focus my craft carefully. As a result, this saves value time during precious session time.

Identify and describe yourself: (Mandatory)

Full Name Required
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Location, Date and Time of Interest for Session:  Required (Did you look at my "In Her Shadow" page on the website to know where I am?

Make sure you know where I am before requesting to insure that I am in your city. List Alternative Dates and Times because of Dungeon Schedules.


Do you have any medical situations that I must be aware of in order to keep things safe? (Surgeries, Prescriptions, etc.)?

Have you experienced a session with a Mistress before? If so, with whom?

Have any References from other Pro Dommes? If so please list names:

What level of Dominance do you require:


Does the feeling of helplessness excite you? Please Explain!

Does the feeling of being punished excite you? Please Explain!

Does the feeling of being blindfolded excite you? Sensory Deprivation? Please Explain!

Briefly state your primary area of interest:

Areas of Interest

Asphyxiation             Ball Busting          Belly Punching/Kicking  Bondage                         
Caning                   Face Slapping         Flogging                Mummification                   
Rubber/Latex Fetishism   Sensory Deprivation   Smothering              Spanking/OTK                    
Spitting                 Sploshing             Suspension              Abandonment                         
Tickling                 Trampling             Human Ashtray           Cigarette/Cigar Torture         
Cock/Ball Torture (CBT)  Nipple Torture        Breath Play             Candle Play                     
Electric Play            Needle Play           Piss Play (GS)          Dildo/Strap on Play             
BDSM Sexual Horror       Boot/Shoe Worship     Foot Fetish/Worship     Chastity Training               
Humiliation              Equestrian Training   Houseboy Training       Maid Training                   
Obedience Training       Pet Training          Slave Training          Infantilism                              
Prostate Massage         Rectal Examination    Diet Discipline         Exercise Discipline             
Diapering                Forniphilia                   


Other Areas of Interest not mentioned above?

Toys & Props of Interest:

Whips (Single Tail/Bull Whip)  Gas Mask            Butt Plugs           Straitjacket                       
Leashes                        Cock Harness        Paddles              Collars                      
Extreme Hoods                  Electrical Butt PlugBlindfold            Humbler              
High Heels                     Boots               Floggers             Riding Crop                  
English Tawse                  Armbinder           Wartenburg Wheel     Rubber Slapper               
Punishment Strap               Cane                Full Head Gag        Electric Play Box
Strap-On                       Electric Cock Board           

Other Toys & Props not mentioned above?

Role Play Interests:

Rubber Slave/Gimp
Female Boss
Kidnapped Interrogation
School Teacher
Baby Sitter
Disciplining Secretary

Role Play interests not listed above?

Describe your fantasy in full & to the point. State exactly what your looking for & what you want. This is a personalized session that I am interested in and your limits will always be respected. My Goal is a mutually satisfying interaction

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