Sealwear Elegant Double Breasted Macintosh

 Black Latex - Medium


When order items from Demask please know that items must first be sent to the cardholder and then sent to me. These are rules from Demask. You can call the NYC boutique 212 466-0814, I am on file or order directly through the website. Many items will be coming from Amsterdam and will not arrive immediately. That is fine, worth the wait. Being covered in Demask's latex thrills me to no end!!


There are endless items, especially Heavy Rubber Enclosure Items and Hoods, that I would also love. If you wish to send me a present from their online catalogue, contact me and we can chat about what would please me greatly.


Brl 011/b5 Deluxe Piss Pants with 5 Liter Collection Bag, Tube & Tap.

 (Blk) Size 4


I know I am a bit bizarre!

LS 037/ZA - High Zipped Waist Fully Flared Skirt, Split Front (Blk) Size 4

LS 036/Z - High Waisted Ankle Length Skirt, Zipped Back (Blk) Size 4

UL 003 - High Collared Leotard - Sleeveless (Zipped Back thru Crotch) (Blk) Size 4

LC 001 - Leotard Line Catsuit (Back Zip thru Crotch) (Blk) Size 4

CT 008 - Double Laced Corset (Blk) Size 4

Photo Not Available

SG 001/F - Frilly Rubber Stockings (Blk) Size M