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I am Mistress Sable, a very Unique Lifestyle Dominant Woman.  That is only the Beginning.  In this life, it’s all about time, and how you spend it.

Let us understand this first.  My experience measures a span of almost two decades.  Beyond you being polite, I’m fortunate to have varying internal attributes of beauty highlighted by my actual appearance.  Behold this, if you are as fortunate with a willing grasp in understanding of what comprises me as a person.  Salon Moi is only a click away, exemplified, for your visual.  The further compliment of being level headed and down to earth only accentuates a refined poise.  I strive for balance in most all things.  Sensual elegance is my forte, and style, with a creatively sadistic flow.  Expect nothing less.  You can just imagine the depths of your own mind, and where it might very well venture to meet mine.  Graduate from just an “If”. Do you dare…on this plane, my realm?

I’ve learned much about people so far.  Quality is better than quantity always.  It would be inadequate not to realize that everyone is different.  Just how special are you?  Tell Me, and I can assure if you confide, the reward to thrive within your own fantasized imagination under my caring instructive guidance and influences, especially if they match My own interests, may actually become realized.  I have no patience for time-wasters, putting that ironically.  Consider: …. I do, and will – reserve the right to be selective.  Wouldn’t you?

I enjoy both Men & Women who are Naturally submissive, because that is what they truly desire to be.  Wolves in sheep’s clothing try my patience.  Not wise.  I’d rather see your willing and natural side, than to later find out that you are Not genuine, to be candidly straight forward.  I seek Total Devotion exclusively.  I will match your willingness & Sincerity.  Respect me, or leave me be.  Only, I repeat Only, “If” you’re ready to begin, or resume your quest upon a most special journey and evolve within yourself before my eyes, then you may possibly become freed into my captivity, and find your place with me.

My unique recipe for pleasure and pain mix well, if you have the appetite, and possess honesty with your feelings in my confidence.  Remember that, when you should think of me.

 Ciao for now.