Lights, Camera, RUBBER!!!

I am quite proud and thrilled to announce that Gwen Media’s “The Portal” in which I star, is now released.  It was my first time working with Isabella Sinclaire and Gwen Media and it was a delightful collaboration. Shot at Isabella’s Studio, it was a barrage of Latex & Bondage splendor as I got to torment and torture the other cast members.

Here is a synopsis from the Gwen Media web site:

The Portal, written and directed by Isabella Sinclaire is now available. Staring Mistress Sable and fetish couple Kade and Skye,

The Portal follows a jerk-boyfriend as he is transformed into a rubber doll. Once he accesses The Portal, he finds himself as an animate piece of furniture, covered in latex, being dusted by Mistress Sable’s sexy maid.

Shortly, the transformation continues as the doll finds itself wrapped in heavy latex, bound and masked, while Mistress Sable plays with Her electrical toys and controls the doll’s breath.

The transformation continues in the medical room where Sable uses more electricity and a violet wand to bring the doll’s new pussy to life. Bound together in hooded-panties, the doll’s oral abilities are tested on Mistress’ slave girl until orgasm.

The Portal features Heavy Rubber, Bondage, Spanking, Electrical Play, Breath Play, Nipple Torture, Hot Wax and more. Also featured is an original musical score by Los Angeles composer, Rich Brigham.

To Purchase your own copy for $49.95 email me at

Shipping & Handling cost will depend on your location and deliver method.


This will be the special Limited Edition Mistress Sable Autographed Copy which will include a personalized

 Photograph from the movie & sealed with a lipstick kiss from me.

You can watch the trailer below!


Purchase the DVD and let me know what your most enjoyable part. You will get to see me 

up close, personal, and for your own viewing pleasure, with emphasis on “Pleasure”.