As you may already have guessed by now, via expressed in my Personal Reflections, it shouldn’t be a challenge to see that I have a certain manner of ambiance in most everything I do. This is what works for me. I just do things differently. Balance. Uniqueness. Me. You. What you, and I might feel when unanticipated yet shared moments becomes legendary in your mind, long after our time together. Endorphins. Sensations. Racing. I’m driving. Brace yourself. Have assurance. 

You need to know there is no “mass production assembly line” approach to people grouped together treated the same to fill an hour. I don’t and will not work that way.

 Everyone is different as is a heartbeat in the center of our lives. This is only part of my Personal Philosophy as it corresponds to my time I spend with you. While they may be commonly thought of as ‘sessions’ generally speaking, I acquiesce to refer to them as my own collection of  ~”Touches” ~  *A Sanctuary of Moments * if you will.

 What would you do, to become a memorable part of this ‘Sanctuary’, hum? 

How would you liked to be ‘touched’? No, this is not a trick question. This is why I would respectfully implore you to be most ‘careful’ with your answer. I will not touch you in any way that would place any valued constructs in a jeopardy, or compromise.

Basically, as with anyone else who you would consider to ‘see’, there are possibilities, and improbabilities. Compatibility is everything. The key is best enjoyed when our interests do match, overlap and blend together. The following are obviously on my ‘Yes’ list. I also have “Don’ts”. Those will follow accordingly.

 Having a Mutual RESPECT Always, is Prominent, and Paramount. Please remember that, no matter where, when or how we interact. You will only be given one chance, most likely. Make the most of it*.

 These activities are listed categorically due to their nature. They are general in their description and possible exploration, without necessarily splashing details just to solely tease. Being tantalizingly appealing comes so much more, naturally! To give you an idea,  …

Fetishes Served:
* Animal Play * Body Worship * Bondage * Boxing (Light) * Cigarette Torture * Cross Dressing * Caning * Candle Play * Dildo/Strap On Play * Electrical Play (Remote Erostek Box) * Fisting * Flogging * Face Slapping * Humiliation (Public) * Hair Removal (Shaving or Waxing) * Latex/Rubber * Medical Play * Mummification * Nipple Torture * Roleplay * Smoking * Spitting * Tickling  *

* Asphyxiation * Ball Busting * Boot/Shoe Worship * Caning * CBT * Dildo Training * Electrical Play (Electro-Shock) * Extreme Latex Predicament Bondage * Foot Worship * Forced Feminization * Golden Showers * Humiliation (Verbal) * Interrogation * Kick Boxing (Light) * Medical Play (Enemas) * Nipple Torture * Piercing * Punching * Smothering * Spanking * Sploshing * Suspension * Sensory Deprivation * Trampling

Unlike the commonly usual time-keeping practice where minutes by themselves are ‘counted-down’ towards a closure of a role-play meeting, I prefer to be free spirited as circumstances allow. ‘Unwinding’ shouldn’t be rushed beyond what’s reasonable. Time. Making the most of it.

 * Requirements – Prior to our meeting *

Be respectful of yourself. It will then be easier to properly respect me, as I expect from you, and as you hopefully and truly desire to. Now that is worth something to me. Maturity first, then ‘exploration’ can spontaneously happen of your worth. That’s how it works best.  Be mindful of what is on mine, concerning –

 * Personal Hygiene…Self-explanatory *

There are no “What ifs”, or excuses. I expect the same courtesy displayed in a personal interest taken in yourself, as you would from me, no exceptions. Simply put, Thank you.

* Psychological Stability…Obviously *

Includes having an emotionally balanced mindset, especially in my presence. Be yourself without a performance, unless I ask for one. I should have no problems or ‘guesswork’ involved in determining that you can be fun to play with. Anything else amounting to less, will leave each of us dissatisfied, inevitably.  Don’t test to disprove this notion with me. It’s about being ‘consensual’ with the real you. That’s the point, and what I expect. I’m attuned to recognize ‘actors’. I appreciate ‘real’ people; so let’s keep it real.

Your thoughts now may circle to express a desire to let me know who you are. Wonderful. With that in mind, I’d be happy to entertain a polite creatively written submission of a paragraph or two, as an introduction to help me become familiar with your interests and persona. Maybe include a meaningful accomplishment or skill you are proud to have achieved. What you project does matter. Think of the reward as an incentive. E-mail works best for now.

Lastly, a one on one consultation between us will be mandatory. We can cover ideas to make this experience most meaningful for you. This would entail a consultation held in a relaxed social setting and atmosphere. This would be a more suitable opportunity to customize your desired needs with an appropriately fitting tribute. Your comfort level and satisfaction are valued aspects of an enjoyably memorable experience.

 I look forward to hearing from you.

 Until then, enjoy your visit here with me.